The cost for our services to research the appropriate stocks, structure the portfolio, execute the transactions and provide ongoing access to professional advice will be levied as brokerage of 1.5% plus GST on a Buy transaction and 1.5% plus GST on a Sell transaction, subject to a minimum fee per transaction of $70.00 plus GST. This will be clearly disclosed in dollar terms on the buy and sell contract notes you receive.

Client Orders

Buy and Sell orders are placed by the client via telephone directly with Phillip Nolan on (02) 9977 1166.

I will always respond to emails and telephone messages with instructions to buy or sell. If you don't receive an email response from me, it means that I have not seen your email and you must ring the firm to place your order.


Automatic debiting and crediting from your nominated bank account or cash management account is established at the time of opening your share transaction account. It is the client's responsibility to ensure sufficient funds are in the account to settle 'Buy' transactions.

Settlement Procedure

All ASX buying and selling transaction have a fixed settlement date of 'T+3' for equities. This means that transactions will be due for settlement on the third business day from the date of the transaction. The ASX levies penalty fees of approximately $100 or more per day for failure to deliver valid securities by the settlement date which are NOT refundable.

It is recommended that clients convert to the ASX uncertificated shareholding system, CHESS, for greater security, greater accuracy and the ability to settle within the three days Stock Exchange mandatory period without incurring fail fees.

Contract notes

We send you confirmations by mail or email to confirm your trades. It is your responsibility to check that the details are correct, if not please let us know as soon as possible so that we can correct any error. In particular, please let us know if you haven't received any confirmation that the trades have taken place, as time is of the essence in correcting omissions.

Statement of Advice

A statement of advice (SOA) will be prepared for a new client. An SOA will be prepared for an existing client when their investment circumstances change. The SOA records the advice the client has been given and explains the basis for the advice.

Holding statements

At the end of each month during which any change occurs in your holding of securities in a company, the CHESS Securities Clearing House will issue to you a Holding Statement setting out the details of the changes made. The statement will show increases in a holding arising from purchases, bonus issues, and DRP transactions, and decreases arising from sales. The holding balance, shown as the last item on the statement is the investor's end of month holding in the securities of the company for which the statement was issued.

A new page is issued to reflect transactions from 1 July each year. However the statements are accumulating statements in that prior transactions are repeated on each new statement issued, transactions for the last month being shown in bold. When the sheet is full, a new set of transactions commences on a new page.

Portfolio Analysis on Request

If you are on CHESS, in addition to being notified yourself, as your sponsor, CMC Stockbroking is notified electronically of any changes in your shareholding. These may result not just from purchases and sales but also from Rights Issues, Bonus Issues, and participation in Dividend Reinvestment Plans.

Agreement - Execution, Clearing & Settlement

Nolan Securities Pty Ltd has an agreement with CMC Markets Stockbroking Limited (CMC) for the execution, clearing & settlement of shares purchased & sold. As a client of Nolan Securities Pty Ltd (Intermediary), you place orders to purchase or sell ASX Products. CMC is a Trading Participant of ASX, a General Participant of ACH and a General Settlement Participant of ASTC.

The CHESS System

CHESS has many advantages. The first being it is free. Instead of having different Issuer Sponsored Holder Reference numbers for each company in which the investor holds shares, one CHESS Holder Identification (HIN) number will cover all of your shareholdings registered with CHESS.

If you change your address or wish to have your tax file number registered with a company, it is sufficient to advise Nolan Securities in writing and CMC, through CHESS, will notify all companies in which you have CMC sponsored holdings and all companies in which you may later acquire shares.

Risks and Benefits of Shares:

Shares present risks and benefits. The chief risks being capital loss, price volatility and no guarantee of dividends. Benefits of shares include the opportunity for capital growth, dividend income, flexibility and control.

Understanding risk and its effect on your investment is crucial. The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has available free, an excellent publication 'Getting Started in Shares' (published March 2007). A copy is available via the ASX web site: http://www.asx.com.au/products/pdf/getting_started_in_shares.pdf. Alternatively phone the ASX on 131 279 and request a copy be mailed.


Information Documents


Getting Started in Shares

CHESS Explained

Share Ownership Study

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